• Professionalism
    The base of our success is knowledge, experience, innovative spirit and pursuit of excellence.
  • Reliability
    We fulfill promises made to our customers, partners and ourselves.
  • Team spirit
    Our team works cohesively just like a single clockwork. We believe that the contribution of each team member matters.
  • Creativity
    Dreaming of the best, we create perfection.
  • Efficiency
    We strive for maximum results with the optimal use of resources.
  • Quality
    High standard in everything we do provides the highest quality of our products and service.
  • Belief in success
    We are actively seeking new ways to achieve goals. Nothing is impossible for us!
  • Ambitiousness
    We continue developing every minute. Our goal is to keep our leading position, and continue the respectable representation of Russian manufacturers in the world market.
  • Love
    We work for people. We do our job with love and put a part of our soul in each watch.